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Doing business in Mexico

Setting up a business in Tulum - Mexico

Given so many business possibilities in Mexico, why not settle down on the beautiful coast of Tulum? No matter if you are considering a major business or a tiny shop, it couldn't possibly be simpler!

Setting up a business in Mexico - Tulum isn't too difficult.
You will benefit from a qualified lawyer to ensure that you are in compliance with the Mexican legislation, and an accountant to submit the required documents to the Department of De Hacienda.

You do not have to be a Mexican citizen to establish a company in this country, but you do have to obtain an immigrant permit. Applications for residence or non-citizen visas can be submitted via a multitude of Mexican consulates around the world or to the Home office Of Mexico. The procedure generally lasts approximately 4 weeks.

The initial step is to have your company registered with the Foreign Affairs Department.Nearly any kind of enterprise is greeted with a very slight restrictions.

You must make an appointment with the Minister of Finance to file and sign a Certificate of Incorporation. You must also request a tax ID number.If you are planning to retire your employees, your next step will be to go to the Mexican Social Security Institute to establish retirement benefits for your staff, and you will have to apply for income tax from the Secretaria de Finanzas.

Once your new enterprise is founded, it requires a few communal authorisations in order to be able to open its doors for day-to-day operations.

Ensure that you inform your national authorities about when you are planning to do this. In the majority of urban zones, you will have to obtain a large number of construction permissions.

Producers are obliged to submit an eco-declaration to the Minister for the Environment/ Natural Ressources to guarantee adherence to the local laws. Finally, if you sell groceries or beverages, you need a health certificate from the community and the Minister of Health.

Launch your business today!
Setting up a company in Mexico is fairly easy and the chances for expansion are infinite.

If you follow the precepts, you will be ready to go! We will advice to doing business in Mexico - Tulum, the best place to be !!!
Please contact the CW Real estate Tulum Team for more information about your dream property !!!

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